The original BLONDI BEACH.
Clean Hair Products Formulated in Bondi. 

BLONDI BEACH. is formulated by a former Australian lifesaver and Bondi local who could not find any products that specifically targeted chlorine and salt damaged hair and so researched what ingredients were the most effective.

"Seeking advice from cosmetic hair experts and fragrance specialists was an immensely enjoyable process. I knew what I liked and they helped me discover what works." FOUNDER and CEO Louise Bryant

All products use Australian botanicals and naturally derived ingredients.

Ocean swimmers, fellow Bondi lifesavers, and local beach dwellers enjoyed testing it out. They love the products and have embraced the brand.

We hope you like it too.

When we're not formulating hair products, we like to swim off the boat ramp and head out past the surf break. One of life’s simplest luxuries.

For now we are are only a small company with more products on the way.

See you on the beach.